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A small collection of pictures.

Tailcoat (Frak) & Bow Tie.
moving with shape

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Ballroom Dancing
Competitive Ballroom Dancing
Rödermark, Germany.

Dance Suit & Bow Tie.
and ready to start dancing

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Ballroom Dancing
Competitive Ballroom Dancing
Karlsruhe, Germany.

A Good-Bye Picture.
Hoschek emeritus
I am sorry that I could not be there.
2000 Hoschek emeritus Uni Darmstadt
Technical University of Darmstadt
Darmstadt, Germany.

An Honorable Act.
President, Dean, Chief and a Ph.D. student of mine.

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1994 Prof.h.c. UNT Peru
Universidad Nacional de Trujillo
Trujillo, Peru.

A Class of Excellence.
Practically 'A's only. My M.Sc. Class of 1992-94.

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1993 M.Sc class University of Duisburg
University of Duisburg
Duisburg, Germany.

A Group Picture.
Most of the really wellknown people of Computer Aided Geometric Design.

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1992 CAGD Conference Oberwolfach
CAGD Conference
Oberwolfach, Germany.

An Early Picture.
Got caught, working on the first draft of the Hoschek-Lasser.

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1987 NPS Monterey CA USA
Naval Postgraduate School
Montery, California, USA.